Mountaintop projects at Lehigh University, College of Arts and Sciences
College offers students and faculty avenues to work with a broad array of knowledge suited to approaching complex problems
By Jack Croft
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By Jennifer Marangos
Sociologist Kelly Austin is leading a growing program that explores the intersections of health and society
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By Manasee Wagh
Carrie Rich '07 sees a world filled opportunities and possibilities
Colorado River Project, College of Arts and Sciences, Lehigh University
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By Abby Johnson '16
Michael Quesada '16G examines the history and policies behind the use of the Colorado River
Ollie Foucek
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By Leslie Feldman
Ollie Foucek stives to grow the arts at Lehigh
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By Geoff Gehman ’89 M.A.
Ghana Serves as a living laboratory for interdisciplinary research
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By Robert Nichols
Jenna Pastorini ’17 examines a trauma-based cultural syndrome in Cambodia