This issue of the magazine explores the College’s work in the social sciences and the impact of scholarship by CAS faculty, students and alumni 
It is a privilege to share with you the Spring 2018 issue of Acumen. There is much happening on campus as many of our faculty continue to lead the way in their respective disciplines. Many of our faculty continue to shed new light with their research and scholarship, and this issue again exemplifies the College’s commitment to “walking the talk” as we continue to push academic boundaries. This issue of Acumen also offers a view of scholarship underway by Arts and Sciences students, and glimpses into the successes of, and support provided by, College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) alumni. 
The College of Arts and Sciences continues to expand its global footprint and the stories on the following pages show the impact we are having in the realm of the social sciences. The narratives inside exemplify our ability to develop those leadership traits so desirable in today’s workplace. At a time when so many question the future of the liberal arts and sciences in higher education, the work we do continues to add value to every Lehigh education. A hallmark of the College of Arts and Sciences is our commitment to excellent classroom teaching coupled with a dedication to excellence in research. Research is critical to academic life at Lehigh and work we do here has lasting impact on the world outside our campus. In our cover story, CAS faculty explore public views about law enforcement and reducing biases. I hope you enjoy reading about professor Maria Barbara Zepeda Cortes and her groundbreaking work uncovering the life of Jose Galvez. Graduate student Sinenhlanhla Porlet Zungu, together with Professor Michael Gill, explores issues surrounding blame, while undergraduate journalism major Klaudia Jazwinska ’18 is profiled for the work that led to her prestigious Marshall scholarship. 
I have met many alumni over the years who recount a professor who left a mark on them as a student. Through their teaching and research, CAS faculty help students find the tools that will allow them to succeed throughout their lives. Lon Babby ’73 reflects on a storied career as a player agent and team executive, while Mike Schlossberg ’06G is helping drive the rebirth of Allentown in his work as a state representative. And finally Michele Brettschneider ’90 brings the physical, mental and spiritual practices of yoga to underserved and at-risk students. 
In my conversations with alumni and friends, I am impressed and energized by your continued connection to the College of Arts and Sciences. Your association with the College is an indicator of our commitment to improving peoples’ mental and physical health, and your successes prove that our reach spans borders and cultures. The work we do is impossible without the interest and support of our alumni. As educators, we motivate our students to think, feel, and act in ways that will help define who they are as individuals and leave a lasting impact on the world around them. Our alumni go on and make wonderful things happen. 
This issue of Acumen highlights CAS alumni, students, and faculty who are agents of change. It casts a spotlight on their talents and commitments. I hope you enjoy reading about them as much as I have. I invite you to learn more about how alumni can play a role in these types of programs. As Lehigh alumni, you can help shape the future of today’s, and tomorrows, students. 
I look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments.